"The 3 Gunas & How to Still a busy mind" 4 WEEK VIDEO + MEDITATION COURSE

Understand the 3 Gunas and learn how to use them to rest deeply, create with inspiration and realize the nondual self.

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In Advaita nondual teachings there are 3 states of mind, body and soul.

Each of these can support or block our path to enlightenment.

They are called the 3 Gunas, a Sanskrit word for the 3 Ropes. They are Tamas, Rajas and Sattva.

By learning to manage our Gunas, we can improve our quality of life, health and support the path to enlightenment.


Do you find that some days you see life clearly, feel expanded and open, can easily access your intuition and gain blissful epiphanies?

This happens when the mind and body are in a Sattvic state.

The mind needs to be Sattvic to:

  • Feel peaceful
  • Be content
  • See beauty
  • Meditate deeply
  • Be mindful
  • Remain calm under pressure
  • Be intelligent
  • Find solutions
  • Be creative
  • Interpret intuition accurately
  • See things as they really are
  • and most importantly, to be able to reflect the non-dual truth.
  • A Sattvic mind is needed for enlightenment.

Can we help our minds and bodies to be more Sattvic? Yes.

Sattva can be cultivated, and these teachings show many practical ways to support your own mind and body to enjoy Sattva.


And what about days when the mind is restless, it's difficult to concentrate and there is a general feeling of discontent?

This is when the mind and body are Rajasic.

Rajas is needed to:

  • Wake up and get into action every day
  • Manifest your dreams
  • Create and build
  • Make things happen.
  • But it can also be an obstacle for enlightenment. Making it difficult to meditate, be silent and even to feel happy.
  • Rajas can cause great discontent and endless striving.

Find out how to use Rajas in a way that serves enlightenment and how to transform overly Rajasic tendencies into the joy of Sattva.


And then of course some days the body and mind feel dull and tired, laziness takes over, we read the same paragraph again and again but nothing registers.

This is when Tamas is dominant.

Tamas is needed to:

  • Sleep deeply
  • Rest when it's needed
  • But it can be a great obstacle when Tamas is excessive because the mind simply cannot see things as they are.
  • Tamas veils and hides the truth. Tamas can cause great suffering.

This class teaches out how to use Tamas in a way that serves enlightenment and how to transform overly Tamasic tendencies into the energy of Rajas.


  • Gain an in depth understanding on the Advaita nondual teachings of the 3 Gunas, or sometimes called 'the 3 ropes.'
  • Learn how to manage the Gunas to support health and well-being.
  • See how to use the Gunas for nondual enlightenment.
  • And learn how to transmute and then transcend them.

The structure of this course includes a recorded live Satsang teaching, plus 4 WEEKS of teachings, meditations and mindfulness exercises. (SEE THIS IN YOUR BUNDLED COURSES)



Taking you step-by-step through understanding your enneagram from a non-dual spiritual perspective.

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The Gunas for self-realisation - Meditations & Mindfulness 4 WEEK COURSE
How to transcend and transmute the heavy dull Tamasic mind, the busy restless Rajasic mind and cultivate the enlightening Sattvic mind.

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