Many experience a no man's land disorientation when they begin to awaken spiritually. What is the non dual perspective on money, work and business building?

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  • Where is the balance between greed and manifesting your heart's desires?
  • How do you know if your motivations are from your soul or from your ego?
  • What is work, money and success from the spiritual non dual perspective?

So many spiritual seekers struggle with these questions. Feeling torn between purpose and profit, survival and spirituality.

It is possible to see this clearly.

To work with love. To do one's best and harvest abundance, if life offers that to us.

An Apple Tree doesn't separate what it does for its purpose and what it does for its survival.
These can be unified in an enlightened heart and mind.


It's natural to work. It's natural to work to one's best ability.

Everything in nature does this. But, nature doesn't go against its own natural laws. It has its own balance and it follows Dharma.

Under ignorance, when the human mind doesn't know the truth of non dual reality, it easily becomes greedy, unbalanced and is driven by fear and fear's spouse, desire.

These are not "bad" things, they are a consequence of a lack of enlightenment. The enlightened mind works in harmony with life. Follows dharma and knows that the outcomes are up to the totality of life itself rather than an individual body-mind.

Enlightened Work means to:

  • Let life flow naturally and intuitively as work and service
  • Do one's best
  • Honor your dharma - do work that aligns with your soul's design and nature
  • Bring your soul to work and work for your soul
  • Wisely letting go of outcomes

Karma Yoga is to practice the truth in work, to know that it is natural and wise to do one's best, AND to let go of attachment to the outcomes because the outcome is not up to the individual body-mind.

Learn how to practice Karma Yoga in work and in life.


  • Gain a spiritual understanding of the Advaita teaching on Karma Yoga and how it helps ease stress.
  • How to use your intuition to tune in to the natural balance between working for and receiving abundance.
  • Collapse the inner obstacles that divide spiritual and material.
  • See money and work as they are (not evil or good), not as the mind projects - break free from inner blocks to abundance.
  • How to be practical and at peace while loving what you do and doing what you love.

What Your Course Includes:

  1. 4 WEEKS of video tutorials + guided meditations + mindfulness practices (that will be available within 4 weeks of the live class).
  2. BONUS 1 x RECORDED LIVE SATSANG - this includes a teaching, then meditation and closing question and answer session.

Your Instructor

Who is Colleen-Joy?
  • She has taught over 35,000 students worldwide for three decades
  • Authored three published self-help spiritual books
  • Founder of InnerLifeSkills—an internationally accredited Master Coaching methodology
  • Katinka Heyns award-winning filmmaker made a documentary feature about Colleen's life story

She teaches that Enlightened Wisdom doesn't only belong to beautiful saints wearing robes. Enlightened Wisdom belongs to all sincere seekers, and is needed in everyday life.

Students love the way she makes spiritual teachings and nonduality easy to understand and live.

Her heart is never without the presence of the redwood forests of San Francisco, Rumi's poems, the dialogues of Sri Nisargadatta, the direct path teachings of Rupert Spira, and the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh.

If you don't find her teaching online, writing, or painting, you'll find her driving her muddy 4×4 to remote wild places where the animals roam free.

Follow her on @colleenjoypage

Courses Included with Purchase

"Live Your Enlightened Life"... FREE 1 Week Non-Duality Course
Breakthrough the obstacles to self-realization, use your intuition for non dual enlightenment.
What Season is your Soul experiencing?
FREE info-graphic guide to the seasons of your soul, from suffering to seeking, from seeing to being.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the recording of the Satsang expire?
No. Once you have enrolled and the recordings have been posted (allow 1 week after then live class date, and 4 weeks for all the meditations and mindfulness exercises), you will have access to it here forever.
Where and When are Colleen-Joy's Live Satsangs held?
They are live and online once a month on a Saturday for 2:30 hours. Students receive a link via email, to join the Webinar. Click on the link to JOIN on the day and time of the live classes.
Is this Satsang included in Colleen-Joy's Spiritual Mentorship 12 month membership?
Yes. If you want to gain access to all of the monthly Satsangs and their recordings enrol here https://nondualitycourses.com/p/spiritual-mentorship

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