"Creative Self Expression" 4 WEEK COURSE

Free your creative expression to find where the separate self is still energetically holding back your life. Explore your creative impulse.

ENROL for 29 August Live Class + 4 week course CHOOSE YOUR PRICE


Each of our souls is unique in the garden of the universe. And each soul moves to express itself.

This is as natural as flowers sharing color and galaxies coming into being.

To align with and free our creative self expression can be one of the most rewarding aspects of living.

And, creative expression can also be a powerful medium for spiritual self-enquiry, meditation and mindfulness.

But like everything, creative self expression can be a voice for the ego and separate self, or the true non-dual self.

If you have ever wanted to free your creative voice, in art or in speaking, writing or live, learn how to overcome the barriers of the judgmental mind and fear.

Let's free your unique creative expression, so that you can use art, writing, song or speaking to find inspiration, insight and the joy of creativity.

Learn to free your creative self expression to deepen your spiritual path, help you to overcome inner obstacles to self-realization and to simply enjoy the true self.

Art, drawing, poetry, singing, music, dance... all art forms can be a voice for the true self, helping us to gain inspiration, insight and can even support enlightenment.

To free our creative expression we need to:

  • Dethrone the mind as identity and ruler
  • Enter into the spirit of curiosity, discovery and innocent wonder
  • Enjoy ourselves
  • Let life be the artist

Let life be the artist. Let artist creative expression help you to be free of the mind, judgement and fear.


  • Gain a spiritual non-dual understanding on the important role of art and creativity in your life
  • How to use drawing and painting as a form of meditation (EVEN IF YOUR MIND SAYS YOU CAN'T DRAW OR PAINT)
  • See how to heal the wounds of self judgement and the inner critic
  • How to speak, write and create from peace, joy and love
  • Invite the spirit of curiosity and play into your life
  • Let life be the artist in your creative expression and life

What Your Course Includes:

  1. 1 X LIVE CLASS - which you can attend or watch the recording (available within 1 week of the class date) - this includes a teaching, then meditation and closing question and answer session.
  2. 4 WEEKS of video tutorials + guided meditations + mindfulness practices (that will be available within 4 weeks of the live class)
  3. A total 4 week online course

DATE: 29 August 2020

What if you can't make the class but want the recording?

All students who enrol on this page will have access to the recording. So you are most welcome to enrol and not attend the live class. The recording will become available the week after the live event.

TIME & DURATION: 2½ hours.

*Please check daylight saving time

  • 14h00 to 16h30 South Africa
  • 05h00 to 07h30 San Francisco
  • 08h00 to 10h30 New York
  • 13h00 to 15h30 London
  • 14h00 to 16h30 Switzerland
  • 17h30 to 20h00 New Delhi, India
  • 20h00 to 22h30 Singapore
  • 20h00 to 22h30 Perth Australia
  • 23h00 to 01h30 Sydney Australia

Your Instructor

Who is Colleen-Joy?
  • She has taught over 35,000 students worldwide for three decades
  • Authored three published self-help spiritual books
  • Founder of InnerLifeSkills—an internationally accredited Master Coaching methodology
  • Katinka Heyns award-winning filmmaker made a documentary feature about Colleen's life story

She teaches that Enlightened Wisdom doesn't only belong to beautiful saints wearing robes. Enlightened Wisdom belongs to all sincere seekers, and is needed in everyday life.

Students love the way she makes spiritual teachings and nonduality easy to understand and live.

Her heart is never without the presence of the redwood forests of San Francisco, Rumi's poems, the dialogues of Sri Nisargadatta, the direct path teachings of Rupert Spira, and the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh.

If you don't find her teaching online, writing, or painting, you'll find her driving her muddy 4×4 to remote wild places where the animals roam free.

Follow her on @colleenjoypage

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the recording of the Satsang expire?
No. Once you have enrolled and the recordings have been posted (allow 1 week after then live class date, and 4 weeks for all the meditations and mindfulness exercises), you will have access to it here forever.
Where and When are Colleen-Joy's Live Satsangs held?
They are live and online once a month on a Saturday for 2:30 hours. Students receive a link via email, to join the Webinar. Click on the link to JOIN on the day and time of the live classes.
Is this Satsang included in Colleen-Joy's Spiritual Mentorship 12 month membership?
Yes. If you want to gain access to all of the monthly Satsangs and their recordings enrol here https://nondualitycourses.com/p/spiritual-mentorship

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